Island Holidays Beyond Reproach at Koh Samui Pool Villas

Island Holidays Beyond Reproach at Koh Samui Pool Villas
Island Holidays Beyond Reproach at Koh Samui Pool Villas

Koh Samui, the name just sits right. It sounds exotic, even mysterious and creates an expectation of a place waiting to reveal something extraordinary. Located in the Gulf of Thailand this island never fails to amaze her visitors with captivating scenery, the whitest beaches married to an incredibly blue ocean, small hidden bays and rolling jungle-clad hills hiding glittering waterfalls.

Koh Samui is the biggest in an archipelago of more than 40 scattered islands. On some, of its beaches like Chaweng and Lamai, there is a very atmosphere with DJs playing cool tunes and locals darting between occupied sun chairs to unload orders of exotic cocktails. Choeng Mon Beach is the island’s “exclusive upper-end” exuding a chilled-out mood.

Then there are places like Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi where you can dodge the crowds completely and find solitude on a pristine coastline or even enjoy a private beach of 5-star hotels like W Retreat in Maenam. The choice of where to stay is vast and diverse. Whatever your expectation of a holiday on a tropical island, you will find your paradise beach on Koh Samui and all of them have one thing in common and that is hotels and beach resorts located amid spectacular scenery.

But to make a holiday here an exceptional one, the island’s accommodation options have a special weapon in their arsenal namely private pool villas. Villa resorts in Koh Samui where you have your private pool are not only luxurious but set the stage for a romantic getaway of epic proportions, add value to a family vacation and are found on any of the island’s beaches, from vibrant Chaweng to secluded Taling Ngam. 

There are too many to discuss in one article, but according to hotels in Phuket. travel, local Thailand-based holiday accommodation consultants, the ones mentioned below rate among the best in Samui.

W Retreat Koh Samui Thailand

This is where gets a whole new meaning, where the rest of the world does not exist and the setting is simply unsurpassed. It is without a doubt one of the best 5-star hotels in Koh Samui and has a 900-meter private beach in Maenam for the exclusive use of its guests. 

With its chic style and modern yet befitting design statements, W Retreat is a trendsetting resort of its time which perfectly fuses modern upscale living with the idyllic surroundings of its location. In the minimum 22 square meter private pools at almost each of its villas, you will enjoy a higher level of privacy and amazing views.

Rocky’s Resort

Rocky’s is a 4-star resort, but at this haven, you won’t miss the few extra frills you might find at 5-star hotels and it is more affordable if you are on a budget. It is located in Lamai, an area which could be described as a sleepy town during the day and quiet at night with beachside restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities.

Lamai beach is one of the best on the island, long and flight and at night burning torches are lit around soft cushions on the beach where you can plunk down for a cocktail. Rocky’s has its quiet corner in this part of the island with no less than 3 small charming beaches for the exclusive use of the resort’s guests. 

The views over the bay are nothing short of magnificent and the evening high tide brings the placid ocean right up to your bungalow depending on which one you stay in. This is a great family-friendly resort in Samui since it offers a two-bedroom suite with a western-style kitchen, lounge, dining room and of course, your pool.

Akaryn Koh Samui

If you were looking for something with that wow factor you are going to find it at Akaryn Resort and Spa. It cascades down the slope of a hill right onto the silky sands of charming Hanuman Bay. The beach is fairly exclusive since it is only 500 meters long and flaked by rocky headlands on both ends. There will therefore not be too many others sharing this corner of paradise. 

The location’s atmosphere is very laid back and at night the twinkling lights of the resort against the hill make for the most romantic setting. Some of its villas have private pools set in your garden and many allow views across the bay right from your pool.

Another advantage is that though your accommodation enjoys some level of seclusion, Chaweng Beach with all its attractions and conveniences is just around the corner.
Banyan Tree

Uncompromising luxury, views which are hard to beat, every villa with its sundeck and pool and, located on its very own beach so exclusivity is further guaranteed, the Banyan Tree resort has few rivals. Its aptly named sanctuary pool villa even has its own personal en-suite spa treatment room so you can be pampered inside the comfort of your suite perched against the hillside while the island scenery unfolds outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

It is located on a small peninsula between the island’s two most popular beaches, Chaweng and Lamai, so you are also assured of convenient access to all the island’s thrills and spills including Chaweng‘s vibrant nightlife, an assortment of markets, shops and restaurants while your private sanctuary is always nearby.

Six Senses

Everyone should have the opportunity to stay in a place like this at least once. The views alone make it worth every penny to visit now. Villas at Six Senses are the epitome of luxury, but the design is also very rustic so you do not have the typical concrete structure which can seem so out of place in this kind of environment. Inside and outside your villa everything is made of wood and roofs are thatched. It just fits perfectly into its rainforest-covered hillside location. 

It enjoys an elevated position since is located on a rocky headland which bounds a private beach to one end just above the Choeng Mon area mentioned earlier. This in return leads to unbeatable views across the ocean interrupted only by distant land masses. One has to compliment Six Senses for the way they have capitalized on the scenery. No matter where you are in the resort, whether at the restaurant which is set over the rocks, enjoying a spa or massage session, in your private pool or your bed, views of the ocean are unobstructed.

Renaissance Resort

Renaissance resort is located right in the upper-most corner of Lamai Beach, just around the bend from pulsating Chaweng. But staying Lamai you will find few reasons to venture to other areas in search of nightlife, beach recreation, water sports or any other activity. Though not as entirely busy as Chaweng, the beach itself is just as great, the nightlife is quint, restaurants and bars line the shoreline and the atmosphere is upbeat yet super relaxed.

With Renaissance’s quiet location in a secluded corner, you are guaranteed unhindered relaxation in what may feel like a relaxed island village, far enough to be outside earshot of any noise yet close enough to all the island’s amenities to guarantee convenience. Some of the villas have their pools located inside your private walled garden and some are located directly on the beachfront where you have views of the ocean from your bed, outdoor terrace and from your pool.
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