How Can You Do The Kolad Camping With Your Friends

do Kolad Camping With Your Friends
Do Kolad Camping With Your Friends

Kolad is the ideal spot for individuals who need fun and experience in the lap of nature. Kolad has arranged in Maharashtra’s Raigarh region a good ways off of 122 km from Mumbai. It is one of the most appropriate spots for the end of the week escapes. Away from the rushing about of the city, you can arrive at this spot by driving for two or three hours. 

In Kolad you can appreciate exercises, for example, stream boating and outdoors, aside from that you can likewise visit some noteworthy locales around that place. The captivating and beautiful perspective on the environmental factors is a visual treat to the eyes. The boating exercises are led at the Kundalika riverfront as the Kolad campground is arranged at this riverfront. 

Atmosphere and Weather 

Kolad is situated in the Sahyadri go the temperature here stays moderate consistently. The atmosphere of this area is tropical and consequently charming. If you visit Kolad between June-October i.e., the rainstorm season the downpours during this time make it the best time for stream boating as the water level is high and ebbs and flows get more grounded which makes the action all the more exciting and energizing. 

Winter also is certifiably not an awful decision to visit this spot as the climate is lovely yet the hights are crisp yet you can appreciate open air fire and chill with your crew. On the off chance that we talk about the summers i.e., March-May the climate during this time is somewhat more blazing however it will not be an obstruction in your exercises as the boating happens in the first part of the daytime. 

So you can design the excursion according to your benefit without annoying much about the atmosphere and temperature. Read more- Maharana pratap in hindi

Activities in Kolad 

Kolad is an ideal trip goal when you believe you have stuck in a tedious daily schedule yet don’t have the opportunity to design an extended vacation so this is an ideal break from your everyday life. Kolad favoured the pleasant scenery of the Sahyadri, plunging cascades and greenery wherever an ideal spot to detox yourself from the furious and dirtied life of the city. 

Aside from resting in the lap of the unstoppable force of life, in Kolad you can appreciate exercises like waterway boating, rappelling, trekking, outdoors, paragliding, parasailing, and so forth. Subsequently, Kolad is likewise extremely well known among experience searchers. 

Aside from the exercises, there is a ton for touring too. While in Kolad you can visit strict spots, antiquated caverns, untamed life parks, chronicled destinations, flying creature viewing, and so forth. The vast majority of the destinations are a ways off of 50-75 km where you can undoubtedly drive and do the touring. Along these lines, there is no shortage of exercises or vacation destinations in Kolad making it an ideal end-of-the-week goal. 

The most effective method to Reach Kolad 

The greater part of the visitors visiting Kolad is from Mumbai and Pune the significant explanation being its nearness to these two urban communities. Kolad has situated a good ways off of around 120 Km from Mumbai and roughly 117 Km from Pune. One can without much of a stretch drive to Kolad from these two urban areas as it will be only a two or three hours drive. Aside from the vehicle, one can likewise reach Kolad via train and even by Bus. The movement span by Bus is generally around 3 hours. 

Best time to Visit Kolad

All things considered, there is no particular time to visit Kolad it relies upon one’s inclination toward the season and enthusiasm for exercise. As examined the climate of Kolad is charming during the time so any month can be picked to visit this spot. It’s splendidly fine to visit Kolad all through whenever of the year. 


Kolad is a little town where you probably won’t discover shops so it is prudent to convey enough water and tidbits. As you will play out a ton of gutsy exercises it is alright to convey some medication and emergency treatment kid for unexpected conditions. While undertaking courageous exercises you ought to adhere to the guidelines cautiously. Tune in to the master’s recommendation and act likewise. 

Kolad is a decent spot to invest energy with your family or companions, a short and speedy occasion like this revives you. So on the off chance that you live in Mumbai or Pune Kolad is an ideal end-of-the-week goal for you.
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